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    September 19, 2021
    Barron County is in an emergent state due to the rise in the number of COVID-19 transmissions, the fact that our local hospitals are near or at capacity, and medical providers are understaffed for the current demand.

    In an effort to support our health care systems, we are continuing the procedure to maintain social  distancing during all Masses.  Because of new information on the Delta variant, we are additionally requesting masks be worn by all, vaccinated and unvaccinated.
    As always, if you are not feeling well, please take care of yourself and remain safely at home.
    We appreciate the fact that everyone has now been educated through this past year of the pandemic, to understand how they may place themselves or others at risk and how to eliminate that risk of transmission. Personal choices should be made that best fit individuals lives, while also not interfering with the personal   choices of others.
    We continually pray for the health and safety of all!

  • Mass schedule & guidelines

    4pm at ABVM
    6pm at St. Peter

    8am at St. Peter
    9:30am at St. Joseph
    11am at St. Boniface

    7:15am at St. Joseph
    8:30am at St. Boniface


  • prayer & adoration
    Open church hours

    First Friday of Month: 8am-3pm 

    Wednesday: 8am-3pm

    Thursday, 8am-2pm 

    The Blessed Sacrament will be displayed for adoration at varying hours on Sunday.

    Confessions are available by appointment and on Sundays starting at 8am at St. Peter, 9:30 at St. Joseph and 11am at St. Boniface. 

  • office hours

    Monday 8am-4pm
    Tuesday 8am-4pm
    Wednesday 8am-3pm
    Thursday 8am-3pm
    Friday 8am-11am

  • COmmunication & Support - Open!

    Always open! If you are in need of assistance or would like to talk, please reach out and call the parish office at 715-637-3255. You are loved and important to us!