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    • January 6
      Francis Richter, a long time member at St. Peter passed away January 6, 2021. A Mass of Christian burial will be held Monday, January 11, 2021 at St. Peter Church. Frank served in the US Navy for 16 years. Then after moving to the Cameron area he worked for both the Village of Cameron and the City of Barron. After retirement, Frank enjoyed woodworking in his woodshop everyday. Frank had deep love for his family and his church. Frank will be sorely missed by his wife Shirley of 62 years and his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. For full obituary please click on Francis's name above.
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    • December 27
      Enjoy the message shared by Father Bala Policetty, Select title above to view.
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    • December 23
      NOTICE FROM BISHOP POWERS Regarding Scam Solicitations If anyone contacts you through any form of communication (such as calls, texts or emails) claiming to be me, someone from the Diocese (Chancery Office personnel), a priest, parish employee or anyone else honestly affiliated with the Catholic Diocese of Superior asking you to send money or get gift cards of any kind, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT RESPOND TO THEIR REQUEST. IT IS A SCAM. ANYONE OFFICIALLY CONNECTED TO OR ACTING ON BEHALF OF THE DIOCESE OR ANY OF THE PARISHES OR ANY OTHER DIOCESAN SPONSORED ORGANIZATION WILL NOT CONTACT YOU IN THIS MANNER, BECAUSE IF THEY DID, IT WOULD BE GROUNDS FOR THEIR IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL. For some time now these types of SCAMS have become more prevalent and more sophisticated in their making the request look real. LET ME REPEAT AGAIN, NO ONE OFFICIALLY CONNECTED TO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN THE DIOCESE OF SUPERIOR WILL EVER CONTACT YOU IN THIS MANNER TO EITHER ASK A FAVOR OR SOLICIT FUNDS. NOTE: This does not say a parish can’t solicit gift cards to be used for raffle prizes etc. However, in this case the cards should be dropped off at the parish office.
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  • Mass schedule & guidelines

    With restrictions and limited capacity, our parishes are open for weekly mass and adoration!
    CLICK HERE for important details

    4pm at ABVM
    6pm at St. Peter

    8am at St. Peter
    9:30am at St. Joseph
    11am at St. Boniface

    Mask are requested by all attendees. Parishes will be marked for seating to install the practice of safe, social, distancing. Many other modifications have been established per the linked details below, to ensure the safety of all.

    Vigil Masses  -  Tuesday, February 16th
    4pm @ ABVM, Strickland
    6pm @ STP, Cameron
    Ash Wednesday  -  February 17th
    7:15am @ STJ, Barron
    9:00am @ STB, Chetek
    6pm @ STP, Cameron


  • prayer & adoration
    Open church hours

    First Friday of Month: 8am-3pm 

    Wednesday: 8am-3pm

    Thursday, 8am-2pm 

    The Blessed Sacrament will be displayed for adoration at varying hours on Sunday.

    Confessions are available by appointment and on Sundays starting at 8am at St. Peter, 9:30 at St. Joseph and 11am at St. Boniface. 

  • COmmunication & Support - Open!

    Fr. Bala is open to phone calls for conversation and prayers. We are encouraging all of our staff to reach out to our parish families via phone, Facebook, email and further invite ALL OF OUR PARISH family to do the same. Call a neighbor, pick up our directory and reach out to someone new. "Do small things with great love."

  • office closed

    To maintain the safety of our employee's health and our parishioners, we are limiting access into the office area on an 'as needed' basis.
    Employees will be present during normal hours, however doors are locked (must use doorbell) and it is kindly requested that all business be taken care of over the phone if possible still - minimizing the exposure to our staff. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.